SMaRT © Swansea Materials Research & Testing Ltd (SMaRT) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Swansea University 2012 About Swansea Materials Research & Testing Ltd Swansea Materials Research & Testing Ltd (SMaRT) SMaRT has been created to combine two long standing areas of expertise at Swansea University; world class mechanical characterisation of advanced structural materials alongside the academic interpretation of the mechanisms controlling material deformation and fracture. SMaRT can provide support for many forms of standard mechanical property assessment, whilst at the same time addressing bespoke forms of specimen or sub-element testing where novel test development is required. In addition to generating mechanical test data, SMaRT can perform post-test failure analysis utilising optical and scanning electron microscopy, electron back scattered diffraction (EBSD) and metallographic sectioning.  SMaRT has the capacity to conduct short-term consultancies or support larger scale research programmes, all professionally managed by our skilled team of academic, research and technical staff. The SMaRT route to materials solutions