Fatigue Crack Growth (FCG)

SMaRT houses a suite of Fatigue Crack Growth (FCG) test frames which are used to characterize the rate at which a pre-existing crack (starter slit) will grow under time-varying crack tip driving force. The FCG test, also known as crack propagation or da/dN testing, is performed using a DC potential drop crack length measurement technique. The method of fatigue crack growth analysis is conducted on metallic materials under either K (stress intensity factor)
or load control, typically using a corner crack geomety
(Other geometries such a compact tension, or CT, can
also be used).

Testing is conducted between ambient and 800°C. SMaRT currently use a range of test machines that provide operation across loads ranging from 1.0kN to 100kN. SMaRT has the capability to perform FCG testing under partial pressure or vacuum, as well as a facility to perform FCG testing in an SO2 environment.