© Swansea Materials Research & Testing Ltd (SMaRT) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Swansea University 2012 Static & Fatigue Testing - Mechanical Testing Machines Mechanical Testing Machines 46 servo-hydraulic/servo electrical fatigue rigs covering: Uni-axial tension-compression 9up to +/-250kN dynamic, +/-400kN static Bi-axial tension-torsion (100kN tension/ 400Nm torsion) Thermo-mechanical fatigue (TMF) Frequencies: from static/dwell loading up to 100Hz Four electro-resonance machines for High Cycle Fatigue (HCF) assessments up to 200Hz 2 servo-hydraulic machines for compression flow stress evaluation under low (10-4 sec-1) and high (50 sec-1) rate high temperature conditions to 1250oC, with facilities for testing under vacuum Gleeble thermo-mechanical simulators for TMF, welding and bonding research in air, inert gas and vacuum conditions Test Types The SMaRT route to materials solutions