bespoke testing

Bespoke Testing

SMaRT specialises in developing test methods and techniques for non-standard specimens. In the recent past we have delivered programmes measuring the wear on round ceramic-matrix-composite materials, biting forces on gum-shields and a compression fatigue testing method for bearing brace sections. In all cases, having understood the customer requirement, the test rig was designed and manufactured in-house and delivered results that could not have been obtained in any other way. If you have a problem in defining a test method or have a unique requirement SMaRT can help to deliver an effective solution.

The combination of the vast array of test machines with varying capabilities, along with the on-site manufacturing expertise to design and produce novel gripping systems, means SMaRT is in a position to help solve almost any bespoke testing requirements you may have.

In addition, being able to draw upon a pool of academics from Swansea University means not only can SMaRT test your items but also provide analysis and interpretation of your results to help deliver a suitable solution.  

Bespoke testing
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