Test Frames

SMaRT utilise a large variety of mechanical test frames spread across 4 laboratories. These include a variety of universal servo hydraulic and servo electric test frames, providing a range of flexibility, some dedicated machines for specific test types (e.g. Vibrophores for HCF testing) and a vast array of creep frames.

Servo Hydraulic/Servo Electric Test Frames:

SMaRT operate a range of machines including servo hydraulic/servo electric rigs covering:

Uni-axial tension-compression up to +/-250kN
Bi-axial tension-torsion (100kN tension/ 400Nm torsion)
Thermo-mechanical fatigue (TMF)
Fatigue crack growth (FCG)
Fatigue covering frequencies: from static/dwell loading up to 30Hz
Electro-resonance machines for High Cycle Fatigue (HCF) assessments up to ~100Hz
Servo-hydraulic machines specifically used for compression flow stress evaluation under low (10-4 sec-1) and high (50 sec-1) rates

Universal Servo-hydraulic Test Frame

Creep Facility

SMaRT has an extensive array of creep test frames, covering;

Over slung lever constant load creep up to 30kN
Over slung lever constant stress creep up to 15kN
Small punch creep

SMaRT Creep Laboratory
SMaRT Creep Laboratory