SMaRT is located on the Swansea University Bay campus, in the purpose-built Institute of Structural Materials (ISM) building.

SMaRT is a mechnical test laboratory specialising in the testing of metallic materilas. The facility has four, air conditioned, mechanical testing laboratories:

  • The Universal lab houses the majority of uniaxial electric and servo hydraulic test frames.
  • A Creep lab, which is structurally isolated from the rest of the building to reduce potential vibration effects.
  • A High cycle fatigue lab, which is isolated to contain the noise.
  • An Environmental lab where hot gas corrosion testing is conducted.

Alongside the laboratories, the building accommodates the required office space for all the associated teaching, research, testing and support staff.

The facility has a dedicated mechanical workshop for design and manufacture of grips and fittings. Making SMaRT your ideal partner to develop novel testing.

An on-site metallography room and microscopy suite means SMaRT has everything we need to conduct post test analysis of your tested materials.